Project Description

“I am not a DJ, but I know how to mix, remix, scratch, produce, design and the most important; I know how to drop jaws! Believe me am good at it”

Vinyl Mix Only. Inspired by:

DJ Paz (My close friend) and his latest DnB:
DJ Sa (Super Artist) and his latest DnB:
DJ Ronsha (My best HipHop DJ)

Dig this session carefully until you reach 00:32:00 and until 00:33:00 and let me know if you can do the same 😉 4 Turntables, 2 tracks and 6 samples raised to 160 bpm to match. Something I haven’t tried beore tho and I might wanna practice scratching again and get ready for the next DMC =))

Have a beautiful day and enjoy some Dark Beats mixed with great DnB and that track at the end, was on purpose just to say hi hi and bye bye…