If the player for any reason didn’t work, click here for a direct web link

If the player for any reason didn’t work, click here for a direct web link

Why our servers?

We only use the best hardware to ensure maximum reliability while using our services. View our specification and location information below!

A relatively new and fast processor – the best for streaming servers.

1TB of disk space – along with a hardware redundancy to make sure we never lose client’s data.

At least 16GB of RAM – we want to make sure everything is smooth and fast.

A large bandwidth to guarantee that the stream will never buffer throughout the world.

Your stream will never be brought down because someone decided to attack you or us.

The world’s most advanced control panel (currently) – very powerful and easy to use.

All of our servers are currently located in USA, France and Canada to bring you fast streaming everywhere, while protecting your privacy.

We’re always monitoring our servers and working hard to improve our services and our network status!

Ready to try-out our Centova Cast streaming server software?

Click here and use the following login details:

To login as an administrator, use:
Username: admin
Password: demo

To login as a manager, DJ or user, use:
Username: demo
Password: demo1234

A sample public start page for a stream is available here.


Demo limitations
(these limits do not exist in the actual product)

  • This demo is automatically reinstalled to remove test accounts every few hours.
  • This demo is automatically reinstalled if live source/relay connections are detected.
  • All statistics are simulated for demonstration purposes.
  • FTP media upload capabilities are unavailable (sample media is preloaded).
  • Demo streams disconnect listeners automatically after 5 minutes to conserve bandwidth.
  • This demo is accessible to the public, so please do not enter personal information.
  • Demo streams play free music from various artists released under Creative Commons licenses. Full credits and licensing information are available here.